These Are Our

Gardening Services

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Design & Planting

The problem that most would be gardeners have is that they are only redesigning a small piece of their garden at a time. Also in many cases their knowledge of what flowers work best together is not as good as it could be. We can recommend different designs to suit your overall garden and not just one small area. With our designs we can tie your garden all together.

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Garden Care

No matter what kind of foliage you have in your garden you will eventually need grass cut, weeds pulled or boughs fell. We provide the full range of garden maintenance services.

03. Services

Flowerbed and Vegetable Patch Creation

Nothing looks so nice as a well laid out flowerbed. We take great pains when building a flowerbed so that the aftercare such as weeding is dramatically reduced.

We follow a similar process when setting up a vegetable patch  allowing you the enjoyment without all the hassle.